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Puppy Essentials


Do you need help with training your puppy?  Then, look no further!  We have exactly what you need.  PUPPY ESSENTIALS is the #1 online puppy training program. 

Based in canine behavioral science and backed by over 20 years experience raising and training puppies, this course is all you need to raise an amazing dog. 

Packed with information and high-quality video material, this amazing program will take you and your puppy “from zero to hero”! PUPPY ESSENTIALS comes with instant, lifetime access, and is suitable for puppies up to 12 months of age.

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Puppy Essentials Course

K9 Obedience Development

Our professional puppy training techniques have proven extremely successful over several decades of combined experience in police canine training and the civilian dog training world.  Our methods have been tried, tested and proven with hundreds and hundreds of puppies, all ages, breeds and issues.

All Ages, All Breeds & All Issues

This well-crafted course is designed to thoroughly teach and demonstrate the entire process of raising a puppy to you.  The course demos utilize multiple dogs of different breeds and temperaments.  The course will continue to be updated with the latest classroom and live training demos using an ever growing list of dogs, trainers and individuals like yourself practicing their skills and achieving amazing obedience using our system.

Correct Puppy Behaviors 

This course provides you with the correct tools to correct common puppy issues such as puppy biting, barking, chasing things, chewing and jumping. Much like children, puppies are born with an unstoppable zest for life. They love to play, explore the world, and share affection with their family.  But all too often, puppy owners find themselves battling with all kinds of serious challenges. This course is aimed at curving all these issues with years of experience and proven methods.

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In our video-based course PUPPY ESSENTIALS - How To Raise Amazing Dogs, we cover topics such as:

  • Potty training

  • Crate training

  • What tools, equipment and toys to buy
  • How genetics impacts your dog.
  • Proper Socialization

  • "Environmentals"
  • Raising confident dogs
  • House manners

  • Proper exercise

  • Feeding advice

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Enjoy a step by step process on how to raise a puppy!

Professional instruction from an experienced Police K9 Handler, to help you set goals and take out the head ache of raising a puppy.

Transform the experience of training a puppy into pleasurable experience for both you and your dog. 

Get instant access to 30+ classroom and live human demonstrations with dozens of dogs of all ages, breeds, and issues directly from your living room.

And much, much more....

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No Experience Needed

It doesn't matter if you've 20 years of experience, or if you've never owned a dog before, this course is designed to help you no matter where you are at.

Banish Bad

Say goodbye to unnecessary barking, biting, jumping, lunging, counter-surfing, and other poor behaviors.


Knowing that you can now enjoy doing things like having guests over, visiting the vet, and going for walks all without tension or drama.

Get The Puppy Essentials Course Now

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