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Are you interested in market-leading e-collars, leashes, crates, and other canine training tools?

We have listed all the tools and accessories that Garret uses in our Amazon link below. All of these products have proven their worth on a day-to-day basis here in our facility at American Standard Dog Training. These tools, toys, and accessories are extra user-friendly, durable, and designed to last for your dog's lifetime. High quality dog training gear is not cheap - but buying cheap gear may put your dog's well-being at risk. Low-grade puppy toys, for instance, can cause digestive blockages that require surgery. Poorly manufactured leashes and collars can break in the worst possible situations. And "budget-friendly" crates can cause injury to your dog, especially if they suffer from separation anxiety. 

The top quality dog training products Garret recommends, on the other hand, have stood the test of time. Working with large, powerful dogs every day can cause wear and tear in the equipment. And we cannot afford gambling with the safety of our clients' dogs. This is why we have invested in leading edge training gear. Please check out our online training courses for detailed guidance on the proper use of our recommended dog training equipment. 

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Crates are perhaps THE most important canine training tools in the world. They are veritable life savers for puppy owners, as crate training and potty training go hand and hand. But they also keep puppies, and adult dogs, safe, and prevent them from destructive chewing and scratching. Crates are perfect for safely transporting dogs in vehicles - and they make canine ownership as easy as possible. Here at American Standard Dog Training & DIYK9, we have tested many different brands and models of dog crates.

There is one brand that stands out as THE BEST, SAFEST, and MOST DOG FRIENDLY product on the market - and that is the Impact Dog Crate. Manufactured from top quality aluminium, Impact Crates are extremely durable. Impact has several types of crates in their portfolio, such as collapsable TRAVEL CRATES and 100% escape-proof HIGH ANXIETY CRATES for dogs suffereing from severe separation anxiety. Click the link below to check out the amazing product range of Impact Dog Crates. Use coupon code DIYK9 for 15% OFF! 

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In his 20+ years of dog training experience, Garret has tried out almost every single brand of e-collar the market has to offer. And yet, none the products available fully satisfied his needs for an extremely reliable and precise remote collar. But then, Garret discovered E-Collar Technologies! In Garret's opinion and experience, E-Collar Technologies has THE BEST, most reliable and user-friendly product in the world. This industry leading manufacturer offers a spectrum of e-collar units that fit the needs of every single dog owner and trainer out there. If you are in the market for an outstandingly accurate, and safe, e-collar, we highly recommend you check out E-Collar Technologies. Use Discount Code ASDTK9-10 for 10% OFF! 

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