The Perfect Walk


Teach your dog to be calm, confident, and polite on every walk:

  • Going for daily walks in your neighborhood WITHOUT THE STRESS!

  • Take your dog with you on your next family outing WITHOUT DRAMA!

  • Walking your dog into the vet's office WITHOUT CAUSING A SCENE!

  • Going to shopping malls, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor settings with NO MORE ISSUES!

  • Passing people, bicycles, cars and other dogs with NO MORE LUNGING!

  • Taking several dogs on a walk at the same time with NO PULLING!

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Real Experience With Real Results

The culmination of decades of experience with thousands of dogs and puppies successfully trained through our tried and tested techniques, you now have ZERO EXCUSES & EVERY OPPORTUNITY to use this course to help you achieve incredible results with excellent attention and focus while loose leash walking your dog or puppy!

Proven Training Methods 

This course is designed to thoroughly teach and demonstrate the entire process of leash walking to you in a simple to follow, step-by-step process.  Allowing you to safely and effectively give your dog or puppy the freedom they deserve to walk anywhere on leash which will build their confidence and help alleviate most problematic dog behaviors.

All Ages, All Breeds & All Issues

The methods within our training systems are safe and effective for dogs of all ages, breeds and issues and are effective under every application. This course is filled with numerous demonstrations utilizing multiple dogs of different ages, breeds and temperaments. No prior experience or training is required for you or your dog to get started today.

Get "The Perfect Walk" Now!

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Enjoy Full On-Leash Freedom Anywhere and Everywhere!

Professional Instruction from an Experienced Police K9 Handler, to help you Set Goals and Achieve your Desired Results in a Fast and Efficient Manner without Sacrificing ANYTHING!

Transform Stressful and Reactive Walks into a Pleasurable Experience for both you and your dog. 

Get INSTANT ACCESS to our classroom and live dog demonstrations with multiple dogs of various ages, breeds, and issues directly from the comfort of your home.

ADDITIONAL BONUS CONTENT: What to do if you encounter a loose dog on your walk.  The proper way to hold a leash.  How to stop unwanted people from petting your dog.  How to read a dog's body language.  The proper way to introduce your dog to another dog on the walk.  And what to do if another dog attacks your dog and more....

No Experience Needed

It doesn't matter if you have 20 years of experience, or if you've never owned a dog before, this course is designed to help you no matter your experience level

Banish Bad

Taking your dog on daily walks is the #1 prescription to help eliminate bad behaviors like jumping on people, destructive chewing, separation anxiety, potty training issues, aggression problems, over excitement in the home and other poor behaviors.


Knowing that you can now take your dog on walks without raising your blood pressure from the stress!  You can now enjoy going for walks ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE without the tension or drama.

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Based on modern canine behavioral science, this easy to follow step-by-step course will help you achieve the perfect walk in as little as 15 minutes!

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This course is ideal for dogs of all ages, breeds and issues and owners of all ages, regardless of their training level or experience. 

"The Perfect Walk" course provides the same level of training and knowledge found in programs that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars — but for a fraction of the price!

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"The Perfect Walk"

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