"UNLEASHED" E-Collar Course


Based on modern canine behavioral science, this easy to follow step-by-step course will help you achieve top-level obedience & reliability both On and Off-leash. 

This course is ideal for all dogs (both puppy and adult).

The "Unleashed!" program provides the same level of training and knowledge found in a $25,000 dog trainer academy — but for a fraction of the price. 

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K9 Skill Development

The culmination of science, innovation and decades of experience; our acclaimed E-collar System will improve your training results exponentially.  With over 100 dogs and puppies successfully trained through our copyrighted 5-phase E-collar system, you have ZERO EXCUSES to not use this course to help you achieve reliable obedience and true off-leash freedom with your dog or puppy!

All Ages, All Breeds & All Issues

This well-crafted course is designed to thoroughly teach and demonstrate the entire process to you.  The course demos utilize multiple dogs of different ages, breeds and temperaments.  The course will continue to be updated with the latest classroom and live training demos using an ever growing list of dogs, trainers and individuals like yourself practicing their skills and achieving amazing obedience using our system.

Our 5-Step System

Thorough understanding and application of our copyrighted 5-Phase E-collar System is essential to building and maintaining a trustworthy and reliable relationship between you and your dog.  This course will allow you to safely and effectively give your dog or puppy the freedom they deserve.  The methods within the system are safe and effective for every dog under every application.

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Teach your dog to be  calm, confident, and polite in everyday scenarios:

  • Relaxing in the living room without madness
  • Going for walks with distractions comfortably.
  • Having a picnic in the park and taking the pup along with you.
  • Visiting the vet with a calm and confident dog.
  • Going to shopping malls, restaurants and other indoor settings
  • Having guests come over and not worrying about jumping on guest.
  • Enjoying meals with the family 
  • And more!
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Enjoy full off-leash freedom with your dog, anywhere and everywhere!

Professional instruction from an experienced Police K9 Handler, to help you set goals and achieve your desired results in a fast and efficient manner without sacrificing ANYTHING!

Transform the reactive and horrendous walks into a pleasurable experience for both you and your dog. 

Get instant access to 30+ classroom and live human demonstrations with dozens of dogs of all ages, breeds, and issues directly from your living room.

And much, much more....

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"UNLEASHED!" 5 Steps to E-Collar Mastery

No Experience Needed

It doesn't matter if you've 20 years of experience, or if you've never owned a dog before, this course is designed to help you no matter where you are at.

Banish Bad

Say goodbye to unnecessary barking, biting, jumping, lunging, counter-surfing, and other poor behaviors.


Knowing that you can now enjoy doing things like having guests over, visiting the vet, and going for walks all without tension or drama.

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