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Crate Training Guide

Did you know that crate training is the single best thing you can do for your dog? Crates keep dogs safe. At the same time, they allow owners to go about their business - without having to worry about the dog. But crate training is not as simple as it may sound: Countless dogs hate their crate. Unless forced to do so, they refuse to set foot into them. Others cry and bark for hours in their crate, making life miserable for themselves and their owners. How can you avoid these problems? To help loving dog owners just like yourself, we have created a market-leading CRATE TRAINING GUIDE. With this online-based program, you will succeed in crate-training your puppy or adult dog.

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The Power of Crate Training

Crates have become hugely popular in recent years, and with good reason. Dogs instinctively are drawn to cozy, den-like spaces. Such spaces make them feel safe and secure. In the wild, female wolves, and dogs, use animal dens to give birth to their puppies. If no such dens are available, even domestic dogs will dig their own ones before delivering their young. This is why crate training taps into our dogs’ most basic instincts. And if we succeed in making our dog’s crate into a comfortable, safe place for them, we are well on our way to training success: A fully crate trained dog is a joy to live with.

All Ages, All Breeds & All Issues

This well-crafted course is designed to thoroughly teach and demonstrate the entire process of raising a puppy to you.  The course demos utilize multiple dogs of different breeds and temperaments.  The course will continue to be updated with the latest classroom and live training demos using an ever growing list of dogs, trainers and individuals like yourself practicing their skills and achieving amazing obedience using our system.

The Answers to Crate Training Dogs

Our CRATE TRAINING GUIDE comes with instant, lifetime access, and covers common questions such as:

● What size should my crate have?
● Where in my house should I place the crate?
● Can I leave my puppy in their crate at night?
● How to stop my puppy from crying in the crate?
● For how long can I leave my dog in the crate?
● What to do if my dog refuses to enter the crate?

If you want to get on the fast track to crate training success, this program is for you!

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In this step-by-step program, Garret shows you proven methods to STOP bad habits once and for all.

Crates are extremely practical canine training tools. And our CRATE TRAINING GUIDE is all you need to tap into their incredible potential. In this video-based course, we show you everything you need to know. Our step-by-step video lessons demonstrate how to successfully condition any dog to their crate. This program even works for puppies who are afraid of crates, or rescue dogs who have experienced trauma and abuse. You will learn:

  • the secrets of crate training from a World Class Canine Instructor?
  • at your own pace, and from the comfort of your home?
  • quick, simple solutions to common crate training problems
  • effective and dog-friendly fixes to crying, howling & barking in the crate
  • how to prevent, or cure, separation anxiety?
  • how to achieve maximum crate training success in minimum time?
  • how to build confidence in your puppy or adult dog
  • how to raise a calm, respectful and polite puppy?
  • how to help your rescue dog overcome anxiety & trauma?
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Professional instruction from an experienced Police K9 Handler, to help you set goals and take out the head ache of raising a puppy.

Transform the experience of training a puppy into pleasurable experience for both you and your dog. 

Get instant access to 30+ classroom and live human demonstrations with dozens of dogs of all ages, breeds, and issues directly from your living room.

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No Experience Needed

It doesn't matter if you've 20 years of experience, or if you've never owned a dog before, this course is designed to help you no matter where you are at.

Banish Bad
Crate Behaviors

Say goodbye to unnecessary barking, biting, jumping, and other poor behaviors.


Knowing that you can now enjoy doing things like having guests over, visiting the vet, and going for walks all without tension or drama.

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