Puppy Essentials Bundle 

Are you struggling with...

  • Puppy biting 

  • Jumping 

  • Bad crate behavior 

  • And other bad behaviors 


Puppy Development

Our professional puppy training techniques have proven extremely successful over several decades of combined experience in police canine training and the civilian dog training world.  Our methods have been tried, tested and proven with hundreds and hundreds of puppies of all ages, all breeds and all issues.

All Ages, All Breeds & All Issues

This well-crafted course is designed to thoroughly teach and demonstrate the entire process of raising a calm confident puppy.  The course showcases multiple puppies of different breeds and temperaments.  The course is constantly updated with the latest classroom and live training demonstrations using a never ending list of puppies, trainers and individuals like yourself practicing their skills and achieving amazing results using our proven system.

STOP Bad Behaviors! 

This course provides you with the correct tools and techniques to stop and prevent common puppy issues such as puppy biting, barking, chewing and jumping.  Puppy owners constantly find themselves battling with these serious challenges.  Finding and hiring a reputable local trainer is all but impossible. The good ones, like us, are booked out for months!  And, even if you find a qualified and experienced trainer, the cost to hire them is beyond what most folks can afford. We will provide more knowledge and training in this one course than you will find in weeks and months worth of expensive training with your questionable local trainer.

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PUPPY ESSENTIALS - How To Raise Amazing Dogs!


  • Potty Training

  • Crate Training

  • Tools, equipment and toys to buy

  • How genetics impact your puppy

  • Proper Socialization

  • "Environmentals"

  • Raising confident dogs

  • House Manners

  • Proper Exercise

  • Feeding Advice

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Did you just get a new puppy or thinking of getting one? Are you struggling with potty training, crate training or puppy biting?  Do you want to prepare your puppy to have the best life possible as a member of your family?  Then, look no further... our PUPPY ESSENTIALS Course is The #1 Online Puppy Training Program available anywhere!

High-quality professional video tutorials packed with decades worth of insider tips and knowledge from Master Trainer Garret Wing, this amazing puppy program will teach what you NEED TO KNOW to avoid all the frustrations of puppy ownership.  When you purchase PUPPY ESSENTIALS you will receive instant access to over 20 hours of material, showing step-by-step all of the trade secrets to raising a happy, healthy and calm puppy from a professional dog trainer with over 20 years experience training dogs and puppies of all ages, breeds and issues.




This course is for you if you have a new puppy and want professional guidance on the most important essentials for raising a puppy: potty training, crate training, and puppy biting & manners.  It is very hard to enjoy your puppy or the benefits of puppy ownership if every day you are coming home to a puppy that is barking incessantly, chewing up your shoes and furniture, and/or peeing and pooping all over your house.  Puppy biting is another horrible yet all too common problem with puppies.  They constantly bite at your arms, legs, and clothing often drawing blood and making young children scared to get close to or pet the puppy. Puppy biting can last for months or longer and often gets worse as time goes on. 

Please be advised this course does not cover obedience training because, more importantly, it teaches your puppy how to be calm, confident and well-behaved in all environments; how to go to the vet's or groomer's without panicking or the need to be held down and muzzled; how to meet children and guests without jumping and biting, and so much more!  This course is a prerequisite BEFORE teaching any dog or puppy any level of obedience.  It is ESSENTIAL for your puppy to master these social and environmental skills before taking any time to teach obedience, attend puppy training classes, or attempt to socialize with other people, dogs or puppies.  


Enjoy a step by step process on how to raise a puppy!

Professional instruction from an experienced Police K9 Trainer, to help you set goals and take out the headache of raising a puppy.

Transform the experience of training a puppy into pleasurable experience for both you and your dog. 

Get instant access to 30+ classroom and live puppy demonstrations with dozens of puppies of all ages, breeds, and issues directly from your living room.

And so much more....



Nobody cares if your puppy will "sit" for a treat in the kitchen if it is terrorizing your children and family members with puppy biting.  Nobody cares if your puppy will "give you paw" if it's pooping and peeing all over your house. Your vet won't care that your dog can "roll over" if it's out of control in the examination room. Your neighbor won't care how cute your puppy is if it's jumping on them or behaving rudely to their mature dog. 

You MUST get these essentials down and the sooner you teach these vital skills the better.  Problem behaviors DO NOT get better on their own.  They ALWAYS get worse!  It is so much easier to stop or prevent these behaviors early in the puppy's life than trying to fix them later on in a dog's life when they have been doing these bad behaviors repetitively for weeks, months, or years. 

This course is absolutely essential for training a well-behaved, calm and obedient puppy that will be a part of your family and a member of your household for years to come.  Make the investment for you and your puppy.  You both deserve it. 

If you are interested in training your puppy basic commands we recommend our Obedience 101 course! Click on the button below to check it out!

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It doesn't matter if this is your first puppy or the last puppy you will ever own, this course is designed to help you no matter what your experience level is.  You deserve to have the perfect puppy!

Eliminate Bad

Say goodbye to unnecessary barking, biting, jumping, lunging, counter-surfing, and other unacceptable bad behaviors.  Stop them now before they continue to get worse!


Knowing that you can now enjoy having guests over, visiting the vet, going for walks and socializing your puppy without stress or uncertainty because we will show you the way!

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