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A Training Program Specializing in Puppy Training, Obedience & Manners, Behavior Modification, and Dog Aggression & Reactivity

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Finally, the wait is over: The ultimate puppy training guide is here! PUPPY ESSENTIALS is all you will ever need to train your pup to incredibly high levels. We present proven training techniques that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. In this top-end course, Master Canine Instructor Garret Wing reveals invaluable tips & tricks to ensure your success. You will learn everything from potty- and crate training - all the way to correcting typical puppy “problems” like nipping, soiling your floors, and barking in the crate.

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Do you want to:

  • Achieve maximum results?
  • Train your dog to levels beyond what most professional dog trainers can only dream of?
  • Learn the most effective dog training techniques and methods? 
  • Learn from a World Class Canine Instructor?
  • Learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home?

In this case - why wait any longer? Jump in now, and secure instant access to our E-Collar course! Jump-start your dog training success today - and enjoy a life of freedom and happiness with your dog. 

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Purchasing our online classes - you will gain instant and total access to all webinars, course materials and live recorded demos.  Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with personal login information to access our class right after checkout.

  • Over 30+ hours of video content teaching and demonstrating our techniques, theories and methods.
  • Practical step-by-step guidance for you and your dog to practice and train to perfection
  • We help you set goals and achieve your desired results in a fast and efficient manner without sacrificing ANYTHING!
  • Harness your dog's drives and transfer their energy into positive tasks that will keep them out of trouble 
  • This course will teach you the fundamentals necessary to properly communicate with your dog and achieve incredible results!
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Teach your dog  to be  calm, confident and polite in everyday scenarios:

  • Relaxing in the living room
  • Going for walks
  • Having a picnic in the park
  • Visiting the vet
  • Going to shopping malls, restaurants and other indoor settings
  • Having guests come over
  • Enjoying meals with the family 
  • And more!
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